Video - Tigerfish Fishing - 2019

This is our new movie about the last group tour to Botswana and Namibia. Even with slow fishing, we all experienced Africas' best side!


Video - King of the Jungle 2019

This years expedition was not easy. The guys where facing non-stop rain, raising waterlevels and dropping water temperatures. But the guys fought their way through and caught some amazing Arapaimas at the end. The biggest fish of the expedition was 225cm long and the average size of the 14 fish caught was between 170-185cm.

Video - Arapaima Expedition 2016

Our new video from the amazing fishing expedition into the Amazon to fish for giant Arapaima! We could catch a lot of these giant fish up to a size of 240cm and 135kg

Amazonas - Arapaima Expedition 2014

One of our highlights in 2014. Our expedition into the deep Amazon to catch the legendary Arapaima in the wild. This is our movie about the expedition which was quite challenging and sometimes really frustrating. But at the end we managed to get the Arapaima!

Kiribati - GT & Bones!

Our new video about the amazing fishing expedition to Kiribati - Christmas Island. We fished for bonefish, triggerfish, giant trevally, bluefin trevally, yellowfin tuna and many more reef predators!

Madagascar - November 2016

Again the Island of Pain has rocked like hell last November. This time we caught marlin, doggies, GT and some really nice grouper! Mitsio Island... everything else is bulls....

Madagascar - Catamaran Expedition

Our first catamaran expedition into the untouched north of Madagascar was a great success! GT popper action and feeding franzies... Enjoy this amazing fishing expedition to the far north of Madagascar!

Madagascar - Bank of monsters!

This is our new video from the Island of Pain! This time we've been on the hunt for the real bluewater monsters... We fished the outer banks with our motor catamaran and try to catch doggies, sharks and fat GTs! This video also shows a marlin eating our two jigged GTs right next to our boat...

Madagascar - Return to the island of pain II!

Massive king mackerels, sharks, groupers, mangrove and giant trevallies! The last trip to Mistio Island in October 2013 was a great success. This movie shows you what happens on the island of pain!

Madagascar - Return to the island of pain!

This movie shows the fantastic fishing in Madagascar. Join our fishermen catching huge marlin, giant trevallies, mangrove trevallies and more during their six day long stay on the island of pain! This is one of the best jigging spots in the world! MITSIO ISLAND - ISLAND OF PAIN!

Madagascar - Screaming Reels!

In March 2014 we head out once again to the Island of Pain! As usual we had amazing fishing for GTs, groupers, sharks and all the other hard fighting fish. Bending rods, screaming reels... Welcome to Madagascar!

Madagascar - Catamaran - April 2018

Wind, wind, wind... our clients had to fight the elements as a cyclone was passing Madagascar this year. Fishing was not easy due to heavy rainfalls, wind and high seas. But at the end the guys put all effort into it and where rewarded with some nice fish!

Madagascar - Island of pain!

This film of our last expedition to Mitsio Island shows the insane jigging at one of the best spots on Earth. Incredible what is happening off the coast of Mitsio. Huge Giant Trevallies and Groupers, powerful fighting sharks and Snappers. For sure, this part of the world received our name "Island of Pain"!

Madagascar - Island of Pain - April 2018

To be very honest... we were facing very difficult weather conditions this time. A cyclone over Reunion had brought strong winds and waves and made the fishing really tough. Nevertheless the guys fought and got some really nice fish at the end! Never give up!

Madagascar - Catamaran Expedition - Nov. 2017

Short but full of action with some highlights of the last catamaran expedition to the northern end of Madagascar. It wasn't easy, but the guys never gave up and at the end everyone got his big fish.

Madagascar - Island of Pain - Nov. 2017

One of the most difficult weeks of fishing we ever had at Mitsio Island. Never give up and you will catch your fish! Have fun with the new video! Our 2018 group tours are already heavily booked.

Fishing Gabon - Episode III

In this episode the anglers fish the river mouth with their spining rods for huge tarpon, cubera, african giant threadfin and jacks. They also fish for guitar rays with their surfcast equipment.

Return to Gabon - Trailer

After more than eight years, we finally made it back to Gabon. One of the most amazing fishing spots in the world. And as expected, fishing was hot and the guys really rocked it. Enjoy this movie with a lot of fishing action!

Gabon - Tackle Talk!

This video shows you the lures and fishing rod setups you will need for your expedition to Gabon!

Fishing Gabon - Episode II

In this episode the fishermen fish for monster bull sharks at the river mouth. It didn't take long until they hooked up to some real monster sharks! All sharks have been released unharmed...

Fishing Gabon - Episode I

The first episode of an epic fishing series - Fishing Gabon! In this episode our five fishermen head out to catch some monsters at the river mouth and almost get spooled by a huge African Cubera... They also fish the lagoon for the crazy Longfin Crevalle Jack! - Stay tuned for the next episode!

Fishing Gabon - Teaser Trailer

This teaser shows the adventure of catching monster fish in Gabon from the shore, fishing with lures and popping rods. An amazing fishing adventure to Africa`s last Eden!

Gabon - Africa's last Eden!

One of the most amazing fishing spots in Africa. This video was taken during our first expedition in 2006 and shows the fantastic fishing on Africas western coast!


Vanuatu - Group Trip 2016

This is our new video about the last group fishing tour to Vanuatu in the south pacific. The guys could catch giant trevallies, marlin, sailfish, yellowfin, wahoo, doggies and dorados on poppers, jigs, stickbaits and livebait!

Vanuatu - Places & Activities

This short video shows what Vanuatu has to offer! Not only that you can experience amazing fishing, there is much more amazing places to see like Eratap, Tana with its active volcano Yasur or sailing along remote beaches and experience one of the best snorkling and diving in the whole Pacific!

Panama III - Inshore Fishing

The third and last part of our insane Panama group tour in May 2016. This time you will see the fantastic inshore fishing for cuberas, roosters, jacks and tuna. And on top of it, there will be our famous outtakes at the end of the video :-)

Panama II - Epic Tuna Fights!

This is out 2nd part of the insane tuna fishing action in Panama and the legendary Hannibal Bank! Enjoy screaming reels and fight until total extortion...

Panama - Tuna Challenge 2018

Oh how hard is Panama... Our clients experienced once more how hard fighting fish the amazing yellowfin tunas are. They had fantastic fishing for yellowfins, rooster and cuberas this year. The biggest yellowfin weight in 127kg! This is PANAMA!

100kg Dogtooth Tuna

What an epic first test trip to Tanzania. We've been fishing for dogtooth tunas, giant trevallies, sharks, yellowfins and broadbills... This was an amazing trip with a lot of fun and monster catches!

Suriname - Piraiba Expedition 2016

This year our two group went again into the rainforest to catch South Amrica's biggest catfish, the Piraiba! Check this out and see what our groups have experienced during their stay. They managed to catch a total of 41 piraibas during the trips and the biggest one was 2,15 meters long. The exciting fight of this big lau lau you can see in this video!

Suriname - Piraiba Expedition 2014

We are back from our Piraiba Adventure in the dense Suriname rainforest. Spectacular location and monster Goliath Catfish! We've been able to catch 25 Piraiba and 11 Redtails on our first Expedition. On top of this, we caught a hell a lot of Piranhas and other hard fighting fish. These are the sizes of the biggest Piraibas we caught: 180, 195, 195, 197, 200, 200, 204 and 210 centimeters. The smaller ones have been around 150 and 180 centimeters. Now have fun with our expedition movie! Sit back and relax and enjoy the fights!

Columbia - Pacific Rooster

Our new top destination for Rooster, Cubera, Monster Snook, Sail and more. An unique and amazing destination in untouched nature and unfished waters!

Colombia - Monster Peacocks

Oh yes! Or new peacock river in colombia seems to be one of the best in whole of Colombia. But see for yourself! This expedition rocked it and we caught a hell of a lot of huge, massive peacock bass. Both on fly and lures! On top we also got some nice payaras...

Colombia - Wild Pacific Coast 2018

An expedition to one of the most remote places at the Pacific Coast! We where looking for rooster, cuberas, jacks and amberjacks and caught some trophy fish. It wasen't easy fishing due to heavy rains and strong winds, but at the end we succeeded!

Colombia - Jungle Peacocks - 2018

Here are some highlights our last 2018 peacock season in Colombia. Some of the best peacock areas in the world! We still have some few places left for our upcoming trip in January 2019!

Kenya - Light Tackle Sails 2014

Our new movie about the fantastic time we had in November 2014 in Malindi, Kenya. We caught a lot of sailfish, giant trevally, blacktip sharks, bullsharks, tigersharks and yellowfin tuna. Also a lot of dorado, kingfish and barracudas...

Kenya - Light Tackle Sails 2015

Our new movie about the last 2015 Light Tackle Sails Seminar in Malindi, Kenya. We got a lot of Sailfish, Tuna, Marlin, Giant Trevally and Ruby Snappers. This was a good trip with a lot of fun!

Kenya - Insane Marlin Season 2014

This years marlin season in Kenya was just crazy and it is difficult for us to descripe. Have a look at our video to see a part of the action we had this 2014 season in Kenya. Double headers, multi strikes, grand and super grand slams and grander.... what a season!

Kenya - Spinfishing for Sailfish & NKBs!

This year was hot! During our last Light Tackle Sail seminar in Malindi, all our fishing clients caught a lot of sail, thuna, amberjacks and more exciting fish. See the amazing spinnfishing for Sailfish and the tiring jigging on the legendary North Kenya Banks!

Kenya - 730lbs Black Marlin!

A day we won't forget. This video shows the 29th August and the events on that day. Andreas Knausenberger and Ralf Mantej are fishing on the North Kenya Bank. 253lbs Silvertip Shark, 730lbs Black Marlin and 12 Yellowfins weighing up to 66lbs. The 730lbs Black Marlin was the heaviest one during the 2013 season!

Kenya - Spinfishing for Sailfish!

Andreas Knausenberger and Rainer Korn in pursuit of the fastest fish in the ocean. And only with the spinning rod! This video takes you to Malindi, Kenya for spin fishing on Sailfish!

Kenya - Marlin Saison 2013

Our season review shows the best scenes of the season for spinning and fly fishing on Marlin and Sailfish. But also classic trolling methods had been successful. For sure one highlight had been the six time’s strike on Sailfish where we successfully hooked three fish and landed two. Then a Stripy fully rounded off the result.

Kenya - Light Tackle Sails 2012

Our recent video of our Light Tackle Sail Seminar in Malindi, Kenya. In addition to the Sailfish, especially the jigging on the North Kenya Banks were on the program. Big Amberjacks, Tunas, Groupers and Snappers were giving us painful muscle soreness. In 2013 it goes back to Malindi!

Kenya - 2. Xzoga Big Game Seminar 2012

The 2. Xzoga Big Game Seminar 2012 was a resounding success. All participants could catch their first Marlin. Including a personal Grand Slam with a blue and striped Marlin and a Sailfish caught by Johannes! Apply now for 2013!

Kenya - 1. Xzoga Big Game Seminar 2011

First Xzoga Big Game Seminar 2011 in Malindi/Watmu, Kenya. A week of exciting Marlin fishing and jigging on the Seahorse under Captain Peter Ready. The Xzoga Big Game Seminar is one of our most popular seminars and offers something for every taste.

Uganda - Nilperch & Gorilla Adventure 2015

Our new movie about an adventure to the last of their kind. Join us on the search of the last remaining Mountain Gorillas of the world and huge nileperches! An unique adventure and lots of good memories!

Uganda - Nilperch & Gorilla Adventure 2011

First Nile Perch & Gorilla Expedition to Uganda. Looking for the last of their kind and capital Nile Perch through the green heart of Africa. And the troubles and hardships should be rewarded. The documentary reveals the unique fishing at the Murchison Falls on giant Nile Perch and the search for the last mountain gorillas in Bwindi Inpenetrable Forest.