Uganda - Nileperch!

Uganda is one of the most emerging countries in East Africa and especially for sport anglers like us it offers a terrific potential. Time and again, rumor had it about huge Nile perch, big catfish and the bristling teeth of the tiger fish in the middle of the African continent.

The East African country had a rough past. Due to its history the small country had quickly got a negative reputation. However the situation has calmed more and more in the country since the first democratic presidential elections in 1996. Today it is a country that most actively promotes tourism. From dry savannahs on to extensive wetlands and mountains over 5,000m high, Uganda has to offer an enormous variety of different landscapes and animals. In its nine national parks and six wildlife reserves Uganda offers ideal conditions to watch lions, elephants, hippos, antelopes and giraffes. Uganda is also a paradise for bird lovers. There are more than 600 species of birds in the country.

Who ever wanted to look into the face of a mountain gorilla can best realize this dream in Uganda. In several protected areas, high up in the mist-shrouded rainforests in Uganda, there is the opportunity to observe the peaceful apes in the wild. Even chimpanzees can be observed in some reserves in Uganda. Other highlights are the thundering Murchison Falls, the Great Lakes, the wild reaches of the Nile and Lake Victoria. For sure Uganda offers the best platform to experience the original Africa. The country is in a state of flux and is yet touristy not extensively developed. Primate lovers and adventurers will find an ideal destination in Uganda.

Travel with us into the black heart of Africa and fish one of the most spectacular fishing spots in the world. Beneath huge waterfalls and the broad power of the Nile we’ll hunt for the capital Nile perch, catfish and tiger fish. Amidst the current of the Nile this tropical predator will give you a memorable drill. You’ll be fishing from the shore and from a boat with spin-, fly-, or bait rod. Every year Nile perch are caught here by more than 150 pounds. In this remote fishing area in the middle of the National Park, Catch & Release is inalienable. A look at the hippos living in the quiet areas of the river, elephants passing on the shore, giraffes and buffalo herds impressively underline the uniqueness of this fishing area. Want to experience more intense Uganda's breathtaking scenery and wildlife? Then you should look at our guided expedition!

Expedition to the last of their kind!

As Uganda has to offer more than its magnificent scenery and the fantastic fishing, we offer you the unique possibility to visit the last wild mountain gorillas in our guided expeditions. The over 3000 meter high mountain ranges in the western part of the country are the sanctuary of the peaceful apes. Only a few tourists are permitted to observe the gorillas in the wild. The gorillas in the mist are certainly one of the highlights of our expedition and will burn forever in your memory. In addition to the mountain gorillas, we will guide you to the most beautiful places in Uganda, where you can admire, among other things, chimps, elephants, lions and giraffes. Towards the end of the expedition you’ll fish on Nile perch in northern Uganda at a total of five days. Those who want to experience the individual adventure and the last of their kind, should not miss this extraordinary expedition. Here you will find current events and offers in Uganda!

Travel Services Uganda Individual

  • - 6 nights in the Murchison River Lodge in a double tent
  • - Meals: Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner
  • - Nationalpark fees
  • - Fishing lizenses are inclusive
  • - 5 days fishing with our Dura Boats, inclusive guiding
  • - Lunchboxes and non alkohol drinks during fishing
  • - all airport transfers
  • - Travel security note
  • - international flights (appx. 700 - 850€) & Visa
  • - Tips*
  • - additional meals and drinks
  • - additional luggage and overweight fees*
  • - travel insurance*
  • - additional days fishing or safari*
  • *optional/non-obligatory

Tour Price - Uganda Nileperch

Uganda Individual

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4 Anglers


2 Anglers


Rates are subjekt to change!
Best time to travel: December - end of March

Uganda - Videos

  • Up Next Gorilla & Nileperch Adventure II
    Our new movie about an adventure to the last of their kind. Join us on the search of the last remaining Mountain Gorillas of the world and huge nileperches! An unique adventure and lots of good memories!
  • Up Next Gorilla & Nileperch Adventure I
    Our very first expedition to the Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Uganda. Followed by some amazing fishing action for monster nile perch at the Murchison Falls! We caught two nile perch above 75kg!