Suriname - Monster Piraiba

Our first expedition to Suriname was a huge victory! We could catch plenty of huge Piraiba up to 115 Kilos! The experienced expedition leader Andreas Knausenberger and Erik Klietsch will take you into the rain forest. The task is to land a huge Piraiba. Get ready for the adventure of your life.

Since long it is well known that the Suriname, one of the biggest rivers in this country, has to offer an incredible variety of catfish. But not many can even imagine what kind of monsters are really traveling in the Amazon. Above all the powerful Piraiba or also Goliath catfish! This type of catfish can be over ten feet long and weigh more than 400 pounds. The Piraiba is without a doubt the hardest fighting catfish in the world. You could refer to him as the King of all catfish species. Even if the European catfish aregood fighters, due to their weight, they must get in line compared to the Piraibas concerning a good drill. Everyone who already came to enjoy catching a Piraiba, can tell.

Exemplary itinerary: 10 days

Day 1:

You’ll fly from your domestic airport to Paramaribo the capital city of Suriname. You’ll get there in the early evening. From the airport, you’ll proceed to a good hotel, where you will spend the night.

Day 2:

In the early morning you will leave your hotel with our transport. After a two hours drive you will reach our boat and after another three hours of boat ride you arrive at your tented fishing camp. You will have the chance to fish for the Piraiba in the evening. The best time for fishing depends on the tides. The best time for fishing is two hours before and after low/high tide.

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Day 3 - 8:

The next days we will be hunting for the Piraiba. We’ll fish out from our boats. You can also fish on other species of fish like Piranha or Tarpon with a spinning rod.

Day 9:

Early in the morning, it's time to go back to the airport. You will check in and leave Paramaribo back to your final destination.

Day 10:

You’ll arrive your final destination in the morning.

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Travel Services Suriname

  • - Andree's Expeditions Tour Guide
  • - 1 night in a Hotel double room, B&B
  • - 7 nights in a basic tent camp, Fullboard
  • - 6,5 fishing days with guide
  • - fishing permits included
  • - airport transfers
  • - Photo- & Video documentation
  • - Travel security note
  • - Expedition equipment
  • - international flights (appx. 1000-1400€) & Visa
  • - Tips*
  • - additional meals & drinks
  • - alcoholic drinks*
  • - additional baggage costs*
  • - travel insurance*
  • *optional/non-obligatory

Tour Price - Suriname

Suriname - Monster Piraiba

Price per person


Group size: 4 - 9

min. participants: 4

Dates 2012:

  • 17.07. - 26.07.2020

Booking Status Suriname

Expedition 28.07. - 08.08.2019
Expedition 17.07. - 26.07.2020

Video - Piraiba Expedition 2016

This year our two group went again into the rainforest to catch South Amrica's biggest catfish, the Piraiba! Check this out and see what our groups have experienced during their stay. They managed to catch a total of 41 piraibas during the trips and the biggest one was 2,15 meters long. The exciting fight of this big lau lau you can see in this video!

Video - Piraiba Expedition 2014

We are back from our Piraiba Adventure in the dense Suriname rainforest. Spectacular location and monster Goliath Catfish! We've been able to catch 25 Piraiba and 11 Redtails on our first Expedition. On top of this, we caught a hell a lot of Piranhas and other hard fighting fish. These are the sizes of the biggest Piraibas we caught: 180, 195, 195, 197, 200, 200, 204 and 210 centimeters. The smaller ones have been around 150 and 180 centimeters. Now have fun with our expedition movie! Sit back and relax and enjoy the fights!

Suriname - Piraiba Expedition 2014

Unser neuer Film der letzten Expedition nach Suriname auf der Jagd nach dem Monster Piraiba (Goliath Catfish, Lau Lau).