Suriname - Catfish Expedition

Our very first expedition to Suriname led us to the legendary Wonotobo Falls in the middle of the rainforest. Besides the Piraibas we were able to catch big redtails here as well. Due to the high demand for this tour, we have now prepared a new two-week expedition. Our goal is to catch huge Piraibas, Redtails, Anjumaras and Peacocks!

On this expedition we will fish underneath and above the Wonotobo Falls. In doing so, you fish for four and a half days below the falls for huge Piraibas before the second part of the expedition leads you into the river system above the falls. Here you can catch big redtails! Fish over forty kilos are often caught here. Your chance to catch a huge redtail catfish. But not only the redtails can be caught in this section of the river. You can also catch Shovelnose Catfish and some other smaller catfish species. And that's not all. In the upper part of the river there are also huge Anjumara to catch. The "Wolffish" are extremely aggressive and reach world record sizes. The fish attack mainly your surface lures. An exciting and active fishery! And as an extra bonus you can also catch peacock bass. Although these are not as big as in Colombia, but can reach sizes up to six pounds. On the light spin rods, these peacocks are a lot of fun to catch!

This expedition takes you deep into the rainforest and offers you a very varied fishing. So there is something for every taste. You are accommodated in the first part of the journey in a simple rainforest lodge and in the second part of our jungle camp as you are used to from our other trips in the rainforest. The trip is accompanied by Jan Lehmann from Zeck Fishing and offers you a unique opportunity to catch big piraibas, redtails and anjumaras!

Exemplary itinerary: 15 days

Day 1:

You fly from your home destination via Amsterdam to the capital of Suriname. On arrival you will be picked up by us and you will spending one night in a hotel in Paramaribo.

Day 2:

In the early morning you leave the hotel by bus in the direction of our river. You reach the river after a few hours drive. You will first check in at a hotel and spend one more night there before travelling up the river the next morning.

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Day 3:

You will get up very early in the morning and start traveling by boat upriver. You will take around ten hours to finally reach the Wonotobo Falls. You check in the simple jungle lodge and set up your tackle. After dinner, you can already put the first rods on Piraiba from the shore.

Day 4 - 7:

The next days we will fish for Piraiba below the falls. In addition to the Piraibas, there are also redtails in this area. So you can decide which catfish you want to fish for.

Day 8:

After the morning session you pack your things and continue over the falls up the river to the new fishing area. Here you arrive in the jungle camp in the late afternoon and depending on the time you reach the camp, you might be able to fish a bit in the late afternoon

Day 9-12:

You have four full days to fish for Redtails, Anjumaras or Peacockbass. You can always plan with our guides the fishing day depending on what species you want to fish.

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Day 13:

You will travel back downriver to your starting point which you reach in the evening. Here you have one more night in a hotel before you return to the airport the next day.

Day 14:

The transfer will take you to the airport from where your flight back to your home destination.

Day 15:

You will reach your home destination.

Travel Services Suriname Catfish

  • - Guiding: Jan Lehmann
    - 3 nights in a hotel in a double room, B & B
    - 5 nights in a lodge, full board
    - 5 nights in tent camp, full board
    - 9 days of fishing with guide
    - Fishing licenses included
    - Airport transfers on site
    - Photo & Video Documentation
    - Expedition equipment
  • - international flight (about 1000 € -1400 €) & visa
    - tips *
    - alcoholic drinks*
    - excess and bulky luggage charges *
    - Cancellation insurance *
  • *optional

Tour Price - Suriname Catfish

Suriname - Catfish Expedition

Price per person


group size: 8

min. number of anglers: 8

Dates 2019/2020:

  • 10.09. - 24.09.2019
  • 11.09. - 26.09.2020

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Piraiba Expedition - 10.09. - 24.09.2019
Piraiba Expedition - 12.09. - 26.09.2020

Suriname - Piraiba Expedition 2014

Unser neuer Film der letzten Expedition nach Suriname auf der Jagd nach dem Monster Piraiba (Goliath Catfish, Lau Lau).