Peru- Jungle Monster!

Welcome to the jungle! We've invested a lot of time into our researches to find ones again an amazing, wild and unfished part of the Amazon. Our new destination will take you into the deep Amazon where you will find a lot of different hard fighting fish including the massive arapaima!

Unlike in many other countries, including Guyana, fishing for Arapaima here is not illegal and the Arapaima population is very high. In addition, you can also catch Peacocks, electric eels and other smaller fish like pacu and small catfish species. The large number of different fish species and fishing methods makes this area a top spot for jungle monster! A total of eight full fishing days is waiting for you!

Jungle Monster -  Expedition 2023

We could find a perfect spot in the middle of the Amazon which is home for plenty wild Arapaimas. So you can catch them in the wild and add to your bucket list other species like Peacocks, Anjumaras, Piranhas and other jungle monster. However, our main goal is to catch the enormous Arapaima. In Peru, the sport fishing on Arapaima is allowed in certain areas. Unlike, for example in Guyana where the Arapaima is protected and commercial and sport fishing for it is illegal, you will find your the chance of catching one of these giants in Peru.

Our local guide is one of the most experienced guides in the Amazon and he has guided almost all world record Arapaimas which were previously reported to the IGFA. Decades of experience make him the best choice when it comes to catching a Arapaimas. Our area is deep in the Amazon and has a wide-running river and lagoon system. A dream for every Arapaima. The expedition will take place during the best months of the year. Then the water level is normally low and the fish will stay in the hundreds of lagoons or migrate back into the main river. These lagoons we are exploiting with our Ally kayaks or we fish from the shore. Two anglers will share one canoe. Since we have a jungle camp as accommodation, we can exploiting those lagoons perfectly. According to our guide you can count on 15-20 Arapaima catches in a normal week. The average size lies between 40 and 80 kilos. Of course, you have also the chance to catch one of the great monsters of more than 100 kilos. The current world record fish was caught in this area. With whopping 154kg it is still the biggest ever officially caught with rod and reel. But we know from our guide that even larger Arapaimas have been seen in this area.

In addition to Arapaimas you can also catch Peacocks, stingrays, piranhas and Ayumaras. This is just a small selection of sport fish you can find in these waters. The Peacock poplation is also very good in the lagoons. Therefore a catch of several Peacocks day per angler is not a big deal. The average size is between 1-3kg. Larger specimens occur sporadically and are not too easy to land as they brutally pull into the woods. The Piraibas and Redtails occur in rivers and can grow into stately sizes.

Sample Itenary:

You will start your expedition from the nearest international airport and fly to Ecuador's capital Quito. Here we will spend a night in a hotel before we will take a plane or private bus transfer to the amazon bassin the next morning. After we picked up our luggage at the airport we will drive four hours to one of the rivers. Here we will change into our speedboats and drive as long as possible downriver until darkness will stop us. At dusk, we will set up camp on a sandbank and already have the possibility to a small night fishing session.

We will leave the camp in the next morning to our final destination and cross the boarder into Peru. We should reach our first base camp around 10 in the morning. After a good lunch we will start fishing for Arapaima, Peacock and other species. The next eight days we will fish different lagoons, rivers and lakes for Arapaima and other species. As we are really mobile with our camp, we can fish many different areas on the search for real jungle monsters!

After eight days of fishing we will travel back to a small indian viallge in the middle of the rainforest. If we get there in time, we can fish for electric eels in the afternoon. A unique experience that we do not want to miss. Rubber boots and rubber gloves are required! We will leave the next morning from the village and travel back to the airport city and stay one night in a hotel. Next morning we will fly out to Quito and depending on your flight time you will fly out the same day or stay another night in a hotel.

Travel Services Peru

  • - domestic flight and transfers
  • - translator, cook, porters
  • - 9 nights in our Tented Camp, FB
  • - at least 3 nights in a hostel, B&B
  • - Ally Kayaks
  • - 8 days fishing with guides
  • - fishing licenses and park fees
  • - all airport transfers
  • - Full board, snacks & water
  • - english speaking tour guide
  • - Travel security note
  • - Photo- & Video documentation
  • - expedition tents and equipment
  • - intern. Flights (appx. 850-1000€) & Visa
  • - Tips*
  • - alcoholic drinks*
  • - add. drinks & meals
  • - extra and sport luggage fees*
  • - travel insurance*
  • *optional/non-obligatory

Tour Price - Peru

Peru - Jungle Monster!

Price per person


Group size: 8

min. participants: 8

Date 2023:

  • 04.02. - 18.02.2023

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