Peru - Jungle Monster!

It's Monster Time! The Amazon offers a lot of undiscovered and unfished areas. We found a new pearl in the Amazon to catch the Arapaima!

We've invested a lot of time into our researches to find ones again an amazing, wild and unfished part of the Amazon. Our new destination will take you into the deep Amazon where you will find a lot of different hard fighting fish including the massive arapaima! Unlike in many other countries, including Guyana, fishing for Arapaima here is not illegal and the Arapaima population is very high. In addition, you can also catch Piraiba, Redtail, Aymara, Peacocks, electric eels and Jau, a catfish species which grows also to massive sizes. The large number of different fish species and fishing methods makes this area a top spot for jungle monster! A total of nine full fishing days is waiting for you!

We are already heavily booked on this expedition! So if you want us in the Amazon should hurry up! We will fish for Arapaima, Piraiba, Redtailcatfish, Anjumara, peacock bass and other predators rainforest! Plenty of action guaranteed! Bookings under

Information about the expedition and the entire itinerary can be found here: Peru - Jungle Monsters!