Madagascar - Catamaran

Time for a new challenge! And now we will rock it! The sixth guided group tour to Madagascar will be something special. For long we have been looking at the marine charts in the North of Madagascar and have now worked out a master plan to finally be able to fish in this area.

We will lead you to unfished regions with two catamarans and two tenders in the north. Thus four anglers will share a catamaran and a tender! You will be accompanied by Andreas Knausenberger and Frank Knossalla. One thing is sure, this trip is not a cheap copy, but unique, adventurous and rich fishing! Just like you are used to by our travels!

Example Intinerary

The trip begins at Frankfurt International Airport. From there, it goes to Madagascar via Paris and Reunion. In the early morning, you reach the island of Nosy Be. With the private transfer you will be taken to the harbor where the hydrofoils are waiting for you. They will take you from Nosy Be to the Mitsio archipelago. Here, two top equipped catamarans are already waiting in the bay in front of Mitsio Tropical Lodge. You’ll spend the first night at the lodge with the rest of the group. Here you have time to set your tackle for the next few days, together with Andreas and Frank.

The next day you fish around Mitsio Island, where we know our stuff like no one else. Here we hunt Giant Trevallies, Groupers, sharks and other predators. At sunset, you return to Mitsio and have once more a night at the lodge before it then goes in the north the next morning. We will be doing fishing our way to the north of Mitsio. Our catamarans will be sailing parallel to the rendezvous point for the first night on board. After the fishing, it then goes to a secluded sandy beach, where a bonfire, drinks and a good meal is waiting for you. We also enjoy the evening around the campfire out à la Robinson Crusoe.

For the next three days we then fish in the north in places, which have never been fished by sport anglers before. Here you can do popper fishing, jigging and bait fishing. The special thing about this version of the trip is that we have our own Center Consoles here. Namely, the same boats that we use for fishing out of Mitsio! No fishing from the catamaran, no trolling on poorly equipped soul sellers as other organizers offer. So we can have a fling in the north and do not have to set anything aside at all!

After the full three days of fishing in the north, we will be fishing slowly back in the direction of Mitsio Island. There we can then spend the night at the lodge and rest our bones from the rich fishing expedition. In the new morning we then directly go from the lodge, of course after a hearty breakfast, back to Nosy Be, where we will arrive around noon. Then you can dangle your soul and those who want to can add a few beach day holidays! So if you desire a great fishing expedition in a high end area and also do not want to forgo quality, then write us! We’ll provide, what you paid for. A unique fishing trip at the highest level!

Itinerary 2020 - Group I:

  • 01.04.2020 -> Flight to Nosy Be
  • 02.04.2020 -> Arrival at Nosy Be, Transport to our hotel, transfer to the north and overnight at our catamarans
  • 03.04. - 07.04.2020 -> Fishing the best spots in the north with our high-tec boats and 500HP
  • 08.04.2020 -> You fish until the afternoon in the north. Then direct transfer from the north to Nosy Be
  • 09.04.2020 -> flight back or extension day I
  • 10.04.2020 -> Extension day II
  • 11.04.2020 -> Extenstion day III
  • 12.04.2020 -> flight back

Itinerary 2020 - Group II:

  • 11.09.2020 -> Flight to Nosy Be
  • 12.09.2020 -> Arrival at Nosy Be, Transport to our hotel, transfer to the north and overnight at our catamarans
  • 13.09. - 17.09.2020 -> Fishing the best spots in the north with our high-tec boats and 500HP
  • 18.09.2020 -> You fish until the afternoon in the north. Then direct transfer from the north to Nosy Be
  • 19.09.2020 -> flight back or extension day I
  • 20.09.2020 -> Extension day II
  • 21.09.2020 -> Extension day III
  • 22.09.2020 -> flight back

Our Center Cosoles!

We have two brand new 33 feet boats available for you. These boats are special build for the fishing in Madagascar. The boats are equiped with two 250HP outboarders, newest Humminbird sonar/gps and 3d card plotter techinque. We also have downriggers, live wells and tuna tubes installed. A toilett and shower is also available on the boats.

The sitting areas are equiped with soft pads for maximum comfort while travelling. There is more than enough space in front of the boat available for popping and jigging. We would say that our boats are the best fishing boats right now in the whole of Madagascar!

nirvana 1 nirvana 2 nirvana 1
nirvana 1 nirvana 1 nirvana 1

Our Catamarans!

We have organizes two high-tech catamarans for this expedition. These are 44 and 41 feet long and can accommodate 8 people. Four customers and a supervisor be accommodated per catamaran. Also two Tropical Fishing guides will stay with us onboard. Our Catamarans are top equipped and our base camp for the expedition. Our advantage is that we will take two of our normal Center Console boats with us. You will fish from our Center Consoles!

madacat 4 madacat 5 madacat 6
madacat 7 madacat 8

Normal itenerary possible!

Our planning makes it possible that you can simply go fishing from Mitsio. As we have enough great boats locally, you can book this trip the normal way! You will find information about our normal program here: Group Tour - Mitsio Island!

Travel Services Madagascar Catamaran

  • - 6 N onboard our Catamaran, SR, FB
  • - 1 N in a Hotel e.g. Sarimanok, DR
  • - Center Console Boats
  • - 6 days guiding
  • - fishing licenses and transports
  • - boat safari to Mitsio Island
  • - english speaking tour guide
  • - Travel security note
  • - Photo- & Video documentation
  • - Tips*
  • - Add. nights at NosyBe*
  • - intern. Flights (appx. 1290€) & Visa
  • - Drinks at Catamaran
  • - add. drinks & meals
  • - extra and sport luggage fees*
  • - travel insurance*
  • - rental fee for fishing gear (2 Sets: 60€/day)*
  • *optional/non-obligatory

Tour Price - Catamaran


Price per person


Group size: 4-8

min. participants: 4

Dates 2018/2019:

  • 16.04. - 24./26.04.2018
  • 07.11. - 15./17.11.2018
  • 12.04. - 20./23.04.2019
  • 25.10. - 02./05.11.2019

Booking Status Madagascar Catamaran Expedition

Catamaran I - 16.04. - 24./26.04.2018
Catamaran II - 16.04. - 24./26.04.2018
Catamaran I - 07.11. - 15./17.11.2018
Catamaran II - 07.11. - 15./17.11.2018

Video - Catamaran Expedition!

Our first catamaran expedition into the untouched north of Madagascar was a great success! GT popper action and feeding franzies... Enjoy this amazing fishing expedition to the far north of Madagascar!

Madagascar - Monster GT - Catamaran Expedition 2017

Our newest video about the insane fishing for monster GT and doggies in the north of Madagascar. Amazing landscapes on a unique catamaran fishing expedition to the remote north of Madagascar!

Video - Madagascar Catamaran - Nov. 2017

Der neue, knackige Rückblick der letzten Katamaranexpedition in den Norden Madagaskars. Nicht gerade einfache Bedingungen, aber die Jungs haben alle gekämpft und am Ende jeder seinen fetten Fisch gefangen!