Kiribati - GT & Bones!

Hunting the Giant Trevally has become increasingly popular in recent years. Now, we have found a destination for you where you can catch the GTs from the shore with the popper and fly rod! Kiribati, better known as Christmas Islands offer a fish of a special kind and you can explore this unique area with us now!

The X-Mas Islands offer you a fantastic opportunity with the popper- as well as with the fly rod on GT, bonefish, red bass, yellowfin, triggerfish, milkfish and other reef predators. We will put up our base for the group on the main island. This is the world's largest coral reef island and has miles of flats, rugged reef edges, blueholes and channels where you can fish from the shore on Giant Trevallys. In addition to fishing from the shore we provide Centerconsole boats for fishing on the outer edge of the reef and underwater mountains. During this group travel we will be housed in a simple lodge which is ideal for the daily trips on the flats or reef edges.

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Exemplarischer Reiseablauf

From Germany we will first fly to Hawaii. Here, you will spend a night in a hotel before continuing to Kiribati the next morning. You reach Kiribati in the afternoon and will be brought from the airport to the lodge. Here you enjoy the island life with cool drinks and a great dinner. You have time to set up your fishing tackle for the next six days of fishing.

In the early morning of the following day, it is then time to set out for fishing for the first time. In the evening we can discuss which fish species with which methods you can catch. As we have enough guides and boats available we can take on all individual wishes. So, fly fishermen as well as spin fishermen can participate in this group. We will divide the groups according to the fish species and fishing methods. Fishing is then from the shore and from the boat on anything that has fins. Good food and cool drinks at the camp fire will give you a Robinson Crusoe feeling!

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Kiribati is a dream for spin fishing as well as for fly fishing. You can fish there with slight spin rods on bonefish or triggerfish and go on the hunt for GTs and bluefins with heavy popper devices in the breakwaters and the flats. If you want to fish at the reef edges, you just jump into one of the Centerconsoles and fish from the boat. There a so many possibilities for you and Kiribati offers plenty of space to explore and for different fishing methods.

For fly fishing, Kiribati is the angler’s dream par excellence. Not for nothing, the Christmas Islands have become famous as Bonefish Heaven. The population of this silver arrows is hardly higher than somewhere else. In addition, fly fishermen in the flats will have chances for trigger fish and smaller species of Jacks and of course the mighty Giant Trevally! These can be caught in the breakwaters, as well as on the reef flats with the fly rod. Here it is advisable however to unpack the heavy guns! In addition to the reef fish and flat dwellers, the challenging milkfish can also be fished from the boat with the fly. This species is difficult to outsmart but delivers a fantastic drill on the fly rod. So you see that fly fishermen can fully get their money and above all they have the opportunity to outwit countless species of fish with the fly.

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After the last day of fishing you will pass the last days of fishing in the lodge around the campfire, before going back to Hawaii the next morning.

If you want, you can spend a few days in Hawaii. The flights back to Germany are regular. Therefore, we are quite flexible. Those who would like to append a few more days, may be happy to discuss this with us. Your group tour ends with the arrival in Germany or in Hawaii, should you want to stay there a few days longer.

Travel Services Kiribati

  • - 1 N in a Hotel in a double, B&B
  • - 7 N in our Fishing Lodge in a double, FB
  • - Tour Guide: A. Knausenberger
  • - 6 full days fishing including guide, 1 guide per 2 anglers
  • - Boat and Transports during fishing
  • - Transfers & Fishing Permits
  • - Drinks during fishing
  • - Video- and Photographic Documentation
  • - intern. flight (ca. 1800 - 2100€) & Visa
  • - Tips*
  • - add. meals and drinks
  • - extra and/or sport luggage fees*
  • - fishing equipment*
  • - travel insurance*
  • - additional nights in Hawaii*
  • *optional/non-obligatory

Price Kiribati

Kiribati Group Tour

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min. 12 anglers

Dates 2023:

  • September 2023

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Group Tour - September 2023

Kiribati - GT & Bones!

Our new video about the amazing fishing expedition to Kiribati - Christmas Island. We fished for bonefish, triggerfish, giant trevally, bluefin trevally, yellowfin tuna and many more reef predators!