Kenya - GT Popper Trip

For a long time, we had the feeling that Kenya has to offer a very special fishing on GT. During the last group trips in October, we were able to catch GTs over 30 kilo every day while fishing with the Downrigger. Reason enough to take a look at the popping for Giant Trevally. And what shall we say ... It rocked!!! The average sizes of over 20kg where amazing and the heaviest GT weight in over 55kg! We found a true popper paradise in Kenya!


The group tour takes you to the north of Kenya and to the best spots for popping and jigging for GT. But since we want to offer you a special trip, there is also a day on the legendary North Kenya Banks included. The time we chose for this group trip is during the best time of the year to catch big yellowfin tunas on the North Kenya Bank. You will fish for these yellowfins mainly with your popper- and stick bait rod. After fishing the North Kenya Bank we head north to pop on the reef edges and jig the underwater mountains. You have chances of catching huge Giant Trevallies, Grouper, Snapper and other reef dwellers. You will fish a total of six full days for anything you can catch. A great combination of blue water fish, reef fish and bait & switch fishing for billfish is waiting for you on this unique fishing expedition.

Exemplary itinerary

The group tour starts at your home airport. From there you will fly to Mombasa. You will reach Mombasa in the early morning and our private transfer will take you to Malindi. Once in the hotel, you have enough time to relax by the pool with some cool drinks and to set up your tackle for the next morning. In the middle of the night you will start your journey to the legendary North Kenya Banks. You will reach the banks around eight o'clock in the morning. Now it's time to open your eyes for birds and through the poppers and stick baits. We will search for the Yellowfins and then fish for them with poppers, stick baits and trolling lures. With a little luck you can already catch the first big fish. If you are tired from casting the poppers, you can also change to trolling gear a bit. Depending on the conditions, you can also fish for Amberjacks, Grouper and Ruby Snapper. These also occur on the North Kenya Bank. In the afternoon we will head back to the coast. You will then stay in a great boutique hotel.

The next day you start to the north. Here you mainly fish with the popper rods along various reef edges for GT, Bluefin Trevally and other reef fish. While changing the popping spots, the crew will use the trolling rods to not miss out any chance of catching fish. You also have chances to catch Sailfish, Barracudas, Wahoo and other blue water fish. In the evening you will then anker in a small bay and spend the night on the boats. The next morning, we continue to the north and you fish new waters with the popper. In the evening you will reach Lamu. Starting point for the next three days of fishing. The simple guest house is comfortably furnished and offers enough space for the group.

After the fishing days around Lamu you fish the way back to Malindi on the last day. As you have to travel a long distance you will mainly fish Bait & Switch for Sailfish and troll for other fish species. A method in which the trolling lures are prepared without hooks. If a sailfish attacks the lures, they will be reeled in behind the boat into throwing distance. You have the chance to sight cast your lures in front of the angry sailfish. If you are able to hook it you will experience one of the fastest fish in the ocean on your spinning rod. In the evening you will reach Malindi again where you will spend another night at the hotel.

The next morning, you head back to Mombasa to the airport and fly out to your home destination. If you want to extend a few more days and enjoy the clear waters of the Indian Ocean, or go on safari to the Tsavo East and West National Park, we are happy to prepare an extension program for you.

Our Boats

On this group tour you will be guided by fishing legend "Angus Paul" as well as his son "Arran Paul". Angus is one of the best captains in Kenya and his son Arran has raised attention in recent years with great catches. Arran fishes next to Kenya on Cape Verde and other top destinations. The boats you will use are "Neptune" and "Eclare". Three anglers share one boat. Both boats offer plenty of space for popping and are equipped with echosounders, GPS, radio and satellite phones.


35' Bertram

2 x 300PS Ford Sabre Engines



31' Aquabelle

2 x 212PS Ford Sabre Engines

Travel Services Kenya GT

  • - Tour guide: A. Knausenberger
  • - 1 night in Che Shale in the double room, VP
  • - 1 night on the boat, VP
  • - 1 night in Watamu, double room, B&B
  • - 4 nights in a hotel / guesthouse in a double room, VP
  • - 6 days fishing, 2/3 anglers per boat
  • - 1 day North Kenya Bank
  • - Fishing tackle for trolling
  • - Airport & boat transfers
  • - Photo & Video Documentaries
  • - international flight (about 900 - 1050 €) & visa
    - tips *
    - drinks and additional meals
    - excess and bulky luggage charges *
    - Cancellation insurance *
    - Popper & Jigging Tackle *
    * optional

Price Kenya GT Popping Trip

Kenya - GT Popper Trip

Price per Person


Group size: 5

min. required anglers: 5

Dates 2021/2022:

  • 12.11. - 19.11.2021
  • November 2022

Booking Status Kenya Popper Trip

Boat I - 29.10. - 07.11.2021
Boat II - 29.10. - 07.11.2021
Boat I - November 2022
Boat II - November 2022

Kenya - Popper

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