Kenya - Big Game Fishing

Already, Earnest Hemingway fished on the predator of the seas in Kenya. Kenya is famous for its abundance of fish in addition to its fantastic landscape and wildlife. In the Indian Ocean off the Kenyan coast Billfish species such as the Black, Blue and Striped Marlin as well as sailfish and swordfish cavort in a wide variety.

Depending on the season these fighters occur in large numbers. This type of fishing causes a maximum of adrenaline distributions and thrill. In addition to the classic trolling, fishing methods such as the jigging or dropshotting gain in importance in Kenya. Active fishing offers a high fun factor. Those who have hooked the first fish doing the jigging and hears the screech of the brakes, won’t get away from it so quickly. But also fishing with spinning rods on Marlin and sailfish comes increasingly in fashion. Nothing is more exciting than to attract a wild Marlin or sailfish with your surface lure behind the boat.

In addition to the already mentioned sword bearers, especially Giant Trevallies (GTs), Groupers, Snappers, Tunas, Amberjacks, Tiger sharks, Bull sharks and other smaller species of shark, Wahoos, Kingfish and Barracudas cavort in the reefs off the Kenyan coast.

Kenya is the ideal country to find the entrance into the world of saltwater fishing. Hardly any other country offers such a wide variety of different methods, target fishing and action such as Kenya. However, not only beginners will find the appropriate location in Kenya but also experienced big gamers repeatedly go on the Indian Ocean to meet new challenges for years.

Every year we organize various group and individual travel, big game seminars with our partners in Malindi. Besides the great fishing, we also offer special safaris to Kenya’s heartland. Experience the African savannah and the Big Five. An experience that actually should be mandatory at each visit to the African continent.


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Blue Marlin                        
Striped Marlin
Giant Trevally
Yellowfin Tuna

North Kenya Banks - Rates

  • NKB's (02:00am to 18:00pm) - Price 950€
  • NKB's (10:00am day I to 16:00pm day II) - Price 2100€

Broadbill Tours - Rates

  • South Malima (18:00pm day I to 06:00am day II) - Price 950€

Boat Fleet & Rates 2015/2016

Season 16.03. - 16.12. 15.12. - 15.03.
Charter in hours
10 7/8* 10 7/8*
Neptune 610,- € 550,- € 700,- € 630,- €
Seahorse* 550,- € 500,- € 680,- € 600,- €
Eclare 520,- € 440,- € 580,- € 520,- €
Snowgoose 520,- € 440,- € 580,- € 520,- €

Boat Details


35' Bertram

2 x 300HP Ford Sabre Motoren



34' Fiberglass Sportfisher

2 x 225HP Perkins Sabre Motoren


31' Aquabelle

2 x 212HP Ford Sabre Motoren


37' Sportfisher Spezialumbau

2 x 180HP Ford Sabre Motoren

Video - Marlin Season 2014

This years marlin season in Kenya was just crazy and it is difficult for us to descripe. Have a look at our video to see a part of the action we had this 2014 season in Kenya. Double headers, multi strikes, grand and super grand slams and grander.... what a season!

Video - 730lbs Black Marlin

A day we won't forget. This video shows the 29th August and the events on that day. Andreas Knausenberger and Ralf Mantej are fishing on the North Kenya Bank. 253lbs Silvertip Shark, 730lbs Black Marlin and 12 Yellowfins weighing up to 66lbs. The 730lbs Black Marlin was the heaviest one during the 2013 season!

Video - Big Game Seminar 2012

The 2. Xzoga Big Game Seminar 2012 was a resounding success. All participants could catch their first Marlin. Including a personal Grand Slam with a blue and striped Marlin and a Sailfish caught by Johannes! Apply now for 2013!