Colombia - Payara vs Peacock

Our Peacock program has been around for more than six years. A lot has happened during this time and we have now developed a completely new program for you. Come with us to the mighty rapids of the Orinoco, live in our brand new lodge with a fantastic view and fish for Payara and Peacock in our headwater camp. A brilliant fishing trip to one of the most impressive areas in South America.

On this expedition you will hunt for the teeth-staring Payaras and powerful Peacocks on seven fishing days and enjoy a top service. You fish for three days on the rapids of the Orinoco on Payara, Sardinata and other fish species and live in a lodge with a fantastic location. The other four days of fishing are then on Peacock Bass. You are accommodated in one of our Headwater Camps. Every angler has a very large single tent in the camp.

Exemplary expedition schedule:

You fly from Frankfurt to Bogota, the capital of Colombia. You land here in the late afternoon. There you will be picked up by our local partners and taken to a hotel near the airport. There you can rest after the long flight and enjoy dinner.

The next morning you will be picked up at the hotel early in the morning and taken to the national airport. From there you fly towards Orinoco. By car and boat it goes to the Orinoco Lodge.

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As I said, you spend the first three fishing days on the Orinoco and fish for the Payaras, which weigh up to 12 kg. You can fish these with spin and fly rods. After the first three days of fishing, you will go to one of the rivers and lagoon systems that flow into the Orinoco for peacock fishing. You will be accommodated in one of our headwater camps. Each guest has his own, very spacious tent. Toilets and washing facilities are available for the group. Despite the remoteness, you don't have to do without the great food. Our chef conjures up the best food from the bush kitchen.

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The next four days you will be fishing on Peacocks on the river and the countless lagoons. The Peacocks can weigh over ten kilos in this area. The high average size of the fish makes the rivers in our area very unique. The peacocks are fished with spin or fly rods. On the day of departure it goes back to the airport and then on to Bogota. Here you will spend again the night in a hotel before returning home the next day.

The Orinoco Lodge

The lodge has eight local-style chalets. Each chalet has two beds with its own bathroom and toilet. During the trip, two anglers share one chalet. All chalets have fans and a wonderful view over the Orinoco and the large main house offers enough space to relax after an exciting day of fishing. The lodge has its own chef who prepares three meals a day for you. The kitchen is international, but also influenced by local food. Soft drinks are included during your stay. The lodge has solar panels and also has a backup generator. So electricity is available for 24h.

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The Headwater Camp

Since the peacock areas are far from the nearest civilization, our headwater camps are used for this part of the trip. Every angler has a large single tent there. The camp has a generator that supplies the camp with electricity. There are also toilets and wash areas for the group. The headwater camps are an ideal starting point to fish for the capital peacocks.

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Travel Services Colombia Peacock

  • - 2 nights in a hotel in a double room, B&B
  • - 4 nights in the Orinoco Lodge in a double, Fullboard
  • - 4 nights at the Headwater Camp, single tent, Fullboard
  • - 3 days fishing for Payara with guiding
  • - 4 days fishing for Peacock with guiding
  • - alcoholfree drinks
  • - fishing licenses, park fees, community fees
  • - all car and boat transfers
  • - english speaking tour guide*
  • - Photo & Video documentation*
  • *only if min. number of anglers is reached
  • - international flights & Visa
  • - Tips*
  • - add. drinks and meals
  • - extra and sport luggage fees*
  • - travel insurance*
  • *optional/non-obligatory

Tour Price - Colombia Peacock

Colombia - Peacock

Price per person


Group size: 8

min. participants: 8

Dates 2021:

  • 20.02. - 03.03.2021

Booking Status Colombia Trophy Peacock Tour

Group Tour 20.02. - 03.03.2021

Video - Colombia Monster Peacocks

Oh yes! Or new peacock river in colombia seems to be one of the best in whole of Colombia. But see for yourself! This expedition rocked it and we caught a hell of a lot of huge, massive peacock bass. Both on fly and lures! On top we also got some nice payaras...