Colombia - Rooster, Snook & Cubera

Fishing on the Colombian Pacific coast is still very little known. More or less unspoiled coastlines, just a few miles from the legendary Tropical Lodge in Panama, we have discovered a virgin territory, with excellent fish for roosters, monster snook, cuberas, tuna and sailfish, as well as marlin, tarpon and of course Jacks ....

Come with us to a fantastic inshore fishing trip and experience fishing with poppers, spinning rods and jigs. You spend the night in a fishing lodge right on the water and fish with the best boats in the region. The boats are between 33 and 36 feet long and equipped with the latest echo sounding technology and have been specially built for fishing on the Colombian coast. A 3.7 meter long casting platform in the bow makes a relaxed popping and jigging possible. The fishing is very good all year round. The best months for Rooster, Cubera and Monster Snooks is in August to December. And it is during this period that our group tour will take place. We can take twelve anglers on our guided group trip. The simple fishing lodge has fans, very good food and free drinks! An all-inclusive offer paired with amazing fishing!

Exemplary itinerary

The group tour begins for the participants at their home airport. From there you fly by day flight to Bogota and then on to Medellin. You will reach Medellin in the evening and check in to one of the best hotels in the city. The next morning, we continue by domestic flight to the Pacific coast. There you will be picked up by us at the airport and taken directly to our boats. You now fish half the day on the way to the lodge. A good opportunity to get acquainted with the boat and the fishing techniques. You will arrive at our lodge in the evening and move into your rooms. Two fishermen each share a room. All rooms in the lodge have fans. The lodge is located directly on the beach in a unique location. In the evening you enjoy a good dinner and a drink or two.

The next morning, it's time to go out and fish. Each boat will accommodate four anglers. We will fish along the coast fishing for Rooster, Cubera and Snook. Since the drop-off is not far from the coast, we can also try our luck on marlin, sailfish and tuna. This coastal region is home to an incredible biodiversity and offers the right thing for every fishing taste. You can fish with poppers or stickbaits, go jigging on the outer drop-off or even do some trolling for Pelagics, everything is possible. The river deltas that exist in this region are the home of true monster snooks. You can fish these with light tackle and you have the chance to catch some great snooks! The fishing for snook always depends on the weather, tides and swell conditions. If the swell is too high, the fishing at the river mouth will not be possible. Our guides will know exactly if a fishing for snook will be possible during your trip. The next five days you can fish for what you feel like. We recommend a combination of inshore and offshore fishing. So you can also catch marlin, sailfish and tuna in addition to roosters and cuberas. We want to give you the opportunity to fish the best parts of the coast. For this reason, we will change the lodge during the tour. Due to the new location of the new lodge additional fishing areas can be developed and thus you get the best chances for big roosters and cuberas.

After the sixth fishing day you spend another night at the lodge before the next morning by boat and plane back to Medellin. Here you stay one more night and fly the next day via Bogota back to Frankfurt.

Our Boats

Our boats are between 33 and 36 feet long and designed specifically for fishing on the Pacific coast. All boats provide enough space for four anglers and also have a throw platform in the bow. All boats are equipped with sounder. Our 36 foot boat also has a radar. The engine is more than enough with two 150-200PS engines and allows you to reach the fishing spots quickly.

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Unsere Lodge

The location of our lodge is unique. Right on a little inhabited beach in the middle of nowhere. The ideal starting point for fishing trips. The lodge's comfortable rooms are spacious and can accommodate two guests. All rooms are equipped with fans and mosquito nets and have a private / shared bathroom. The lodge has a veranda overlooking the water and a common dining and lounge area. From the lodge, you can fish along the beach with your spinning rod on foot or relax in the hammock.

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Fischarten & Saisonzeiten

This Pacific offers incredible biodiversity. In addition to some, smaller sport fish such as snappers and groupers, especially the following fish species can be caught: Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Black & Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Cubera, Rooster, Snook, Amberjack, Jacks and Tarpon.

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Season Calendar

  Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Mahi Mahi                        
Yellowfin Tuna                        
Black Marlin                        
Blue Marlin                        
Jack Crevalle                        

Travel Services Colombia Pacific

  • - 2 nights in a 5 * hotel in a double room, B & B
  • - 7 nights in the fishing lodge, full board
  • - 6.5 days fishing with guiding
  • - alk. & alkhf. beverages
  • - Inland flight from Medellin
  • - all car and boat transfers
  • - German travel and expedition management
  • - Video and photo documentation
  • - international flight (about 850 € -1200 €) & visa
  • - tips *
  • - add. Meals / drinks
  • - Blockage and excess baggage charges *
  • - Cancellation insurance *
  • *optional

Tour Price Colombia Pacific

Group Tour Rooster, Cubera, Snook

Price per person


Group size: 12

min. number of anglers: 8

Dates 2023:

  • 10.04. - 20.04.2023

Booking Status Colombia Pacific

Group Tour - May 2023

Video - Colombia - Wild Pacific Coast 2018

An expedition to one of the most remote places at the Pacific Coast! We where looking for rooster, cuberas, jacks and amberjacks and caught some trophy fish. It wasen't easy fishing due to heavy rains and strong winds, but at the end we succeeded!