Kenya - Black Marlin Hunt!

Ralf Mantej and Andreas Knausenberger had an amazing fishing day on North Kenya Banks in August 2013. They've caught 12 yellowfin tuna with an avarage size of 30 Kilo, one 150 Kilo Silvertip Shark and on top a Monster Black Marlin of 730lbs! This shows that Kenya offers top marlin fishing in August!

A bill suddenly breaks the surface. The high dorsal fin cuts the water directly behind the teaser. Wild and aggressive the Marlin follows the curls bait behind the boat. The lure of the spin fisherman lands perfectly and is immediately attacked. The strike fits, the stationary role cries out. The giant Black Marlin screws out of the water behind the boat!

SPINFISHING for Marlin! This is the supreme disciplinefor every spin fisherman. We offer you the opportunity to fulfill your dream of catching the Marlin with the spin rod. Spin fishing on Black Marlin is in the spotlight of this group trip. On six fishing days of 10 hours each, it goes out to the Watamu Banks to hunt for the sword bearers. The number of anglers, who managed the feat to catch a Black Marlin with the spin rod is still very manageable until now. This trip allows you to be classified in the list of spin fish heroes. Of course all other kinds of trolling fishing on Black Marlin are also used. In August there are also very good chances, besides the Black Marlin, for large Wahoo, Kingfish, Giant Trevallies, Sailfish and Tuna. And we will give you one trip to the legendary North Kenya Banks on top without any extra costs! So anyone who wants to experience the modern and fancy Big Game Fishing, should hit it here!

Exemplary itinerary

The trip for the participants begins at your home destination airport. From there, it goes to Mombasa by night flight. The group will reach Mombasa in the early morning. From there, it goes to Malindi by private transfer. In the afternoon a small welcome party will be held in the hotel. The next morning, the hunt for the Black Marlin starts on the Watamu Banks. You will fish on the Indian Ocean with spin and fly rods on Tuna, Giant Trevally, Marlin, Sailfish and other predators for the next six days. The main activity, however, will be the hunt on Marlin with the spin rod and the fishing method "Bait & Switch". On the day of your departure, it again goes from Malindi to Mombasa by private transfers and back to your home destination.